Welcome to Sugar Girls!

Sugar Girls

Welcome to Sugar Girls!

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Welp, I guess I’ll say it, I’m super excited to be joining this group of amazing gals blogging at Sugar Girls! I’ve never blogged with others before, but I can tell this is going to be a hoot. All of us have our own styles, our own sense of self, but somehow we all portray “cute” rather well. I’m a rose surrounded in a sea of A’s, but I do have to say, it doesn’t really bother me. These girls are so fun and sweet, and really are a oodles of fun to be around. This blog is going to be fantastic, I can feel it!. I hope all our readers think so too!


Sup guys! My name’s Athena! I own a tiny store called Miseria, so you may also know me under my store alt name of Miseria Daines. Ara, Airedine and Rose are awesome at everything, and we have a HUGE list of guest Sugar Girls lined up for all your blog-browsing needs. I’m not accustomed to blogging and blurbing regularly though, and I’m at constant loss for words, so when I do post, don’t mind me if it’s just a list of credits. I DO want to say that the skin I’m wearing in this picture is KICKASS though (I’m the one hiding behind Airedine) and I’d never heard of the store KOOQLA until last week but Go There and try on a skin! They’re super super cute c:


Hey all! This all started out because I love dressing up as much as I love making clothes! Sometimes I just take pictures of myself and post them on plurk, but I didn’t feel it did the clothes justice! And so I posted on plurk asking if anyone would let me blog with them, and Rose said we should start a blog, then Ara said I could blog with her, so we asked Ara if she wanted in, and she brought her friend Athena over from their blog, which is awesome! Yay, new friends! I’m really excited about kicking off this blog with a big, glittery bang! We have more friends along for the wild ride that I KNOW you will love! (I know I do!) So stay tuned, because there’s a lot more in store, and it’s only gonna get better!


Hi, everyone.  I don’t really know what to say here.  My name is Ara and I own a store in SL called *BOOM*.  I’ve been around for a pretty good while and I am pretty happy to be venturing in to the world of blogging and even happier that I am doing it with these girls.  Some of the girls I have known a while, others I just met recently but I can honestly say, they are all great.  We are all so different and so similar in a lot of ways and it’s just easy to be around them.  I think we are going to have a great time doing this together and I just hope that all of you reading this will enjoy what we have in store.  ❤ Ara



-tb- {Tan} Indie: Plain Jane – Dark Brows
/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Crystal violet – RARE (@ THE ARCADE)
bahia.belle.high.waist.jeans. (Closed)
[okkbye] Retro Top – Black: 90’s Yellow (Soon for Collab88)
(fd) Bossy Boots -Shiny Green (@ THE ARCADE)
.Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – R
(NO) Art Nails – Glitter Tip
+>A&A<+ Venture Into Night Glasses – Gold3 (Available at Numberology)
mijn.botique accessories *crossed bangle* BLACK


{D.A} Lipgloss & Eyeshadow
*BOOM* Pale Pucker Red
Al Vulo – doll lashes
Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE* C (Blog)
fri. – Lucy.2 – Thoughtful Brown
Ingenue :: Bridget Flats :: French Vanilla
tulip. Puff Skirt Flower
tulip. Tucked Tank Blush
[KOOQLA] Mango(01) – dark brows
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Darkest Onyx, w4)


*BOOM* Tube Socks-Hot Pink
-tb- Indie Liner Style 1 – in the Cupid skin packs
[PF] Elly <Cr/Mk/Hy> Pop Lipstick/Teeth (Proton)
(Chemistry) HAIR – Buttons – Blooms – Blossom
*BOOM* Bold wrist cuff (v1) L Titanium
*BOOM* Bold wrist cuff (v1) R Titanium
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Baby Blue) LFT – @ARCADE (all Friendship Bracelets
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Carnation) LFT
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Lime) LFT
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Sunshine) RT
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany) RT
*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (neon) LT
*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (queen) RT
+>A&A<+ Drippy Necklace – Spooky – Gold – @ ARCADE
+>A&A<+ Ouroboros – Bicep – Gold – L
+>A&A<+ Kitten Claws – Fingernail Appliers – Pink
.O. the It’s FAHION WEEK Baby! Hinty Minty Bow Ring (R)
::{u.f.o}::animal wire headband – pink – cat
Color.Me.H.O.F [TriangleEarrings[Gold]
Emery – Mesh Sleeveless Shirt Destiny Berry
Peqe – Fur Shrug
Schadenfreude Pink/Ivory Ultravox Shoes
{SMS} High Waist Skirt Galaxy Purple
[PF] Harley <Peach> – Arcade 08 – @ ARCADE
Ibanez ClearGlow Eyes – Greece


The Sea Hole – New Romance Wrap Blouse WrappyStraps – Sugar White
*BOOM* Comfy Womfy Panties (peach)
*BOOM* Pick Up Line (winged)
*BOOM* Minka Skirt (cream)
Candy Mountain – . Moody Falsies .
Exile::Sparkle And Fade Naturals
JD – Charme – Tea Canvas
The Sea Hole – New Romance (Mesh) Wrap Blouse – Sugar Whip
[ENDEAVOR] Twinkle eye ware
Essences Aries 01 *sunkissed* blonde
“tSg” Sleepy HazelFlair – Fingernails Applier Slink A/E – Set 63

Purple Pose – FriendBall23

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