Summer Days to Summer Nights

Summer Days to Summer Nights 1

Hot summer days.
Days on the beach, days with friends. Days of screaming seagulls, sand between your toes, ice cream dripped on your favourite shirt, and surprise sun showers. Days for holding hands- but not for too long. For wearing wide-brimmed straw hats and great big sunglasses and feeling like a movie star. Running barefoot as quickly as you can down the road to the corner store for ice cream.

Summer Days to Summer Nights 2Summer nights are warm. The pavement still keeps some of its heat from the sunny day. The lights blink on and shimmer in the clear night air. The Ferris wheel glitters in primaries, and the thick smell of tiny doughnuts and cotton candy moves on the warm breeze. You’re not sure what’s being said, but you’re laughing. Exhausted and happy, and only somewhat regretting wearing high heels. Kissing and falling in love, if only for tonight. Spending your savings on little pieces of summer to take home with you. Kick your shoes off and fall asleep naked with your fan humming away on your nightstand. Rest, ready for the next day.

Info under the cut


ZC : Keyuri swimsuit *sky*
Cheap Makeup Lashes (Lise) #2
-tb- Indie Liner Style 1
THESKINSHOP (10) ‘Pussy’ – (Face)
(Yummy) Doughnut Earrings
(Yummy) Doughnut Ring
*katat0nik* (Small Alice) Wonderland Pendant – (Arcade)
*RibboN*Longvest(white lace)
+>A&A<+ Drip Nail Appliers – Princess -RARE – (Arcade)
: ) BCC . Emma Apple flat shoes Ivory enamel – (Arcade)
Magika [Hair] Bliss – (Currently on sale for 150L)
nani – beach ball fun 1
[CT] Cat Glasses – Pink – (Arcade)
[PF] Harley <Peach> – Arcade 10 (RARE) – (Body)-(Arcade)
Ibanez ClearGlow Eyes – Greece


(Elate!) Calliope – Greek Olive Branch Headband
(NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace – Buddy – (Arcade)
*BOOM* Kau Wela Dress (birds baby blue)
Adorkable Bag pose 4
Cute Poison – Star Ring Gold
Ingenue :: Delphine :: Lemon – (Arcade)
Magika [Hair] Wait
Maubray // Moira Spiky Cuffs
[HANDverk]Mermaid’s Purse.clam.teal – (Arcade)
[PF] Yum Bubblegum! (Static- Translucent – Color Change)

.:SF:. “Nevermore” Wall Sconce Light [o] – (We ❤ Role Play)
.:SF:. “Nevermore” Curtains
.:SF:. “Xochitl” Handwoven Rug

(fd) Indoor Days – Tired Tea
(fd) Indoor Days – Feeling Girly
[Commoner] Photo Album / Burn Book RARE – (Arcade)
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Harry Porker] – (Arcade)
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Piggy Who?] – (Arcade)
.: Standby Inc. – Beach Radio [Princess] – (Arcade)
HPMD* stuffed chipmunk
HPMD* stuffed duck/whiteB
HPMD* stuffed duck/whiteA
HPMD* stuffed duck/pirate (rare)
POST: Darkbloom Journal
{sa} Scarlet Apple My Chevron Console Rich Wood
flowey. ‘bitten donut’ floatie (WEAR ME!) / RARRRE – (Arcade)
{vespertine- faded horizons skyloft}



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