Hai! I’m Lola and this is my first post

Sugar Girls - Lola 1st Post

Okay so I don’t have a really clever title. I technically should be sleeping but really sleep is for the weak. So I figured I should start off my very first post with something I would typically run around in SL in. I do blog mostly gothic looks on my other blog but hey now I get to show off my kawaii-ness to everybody.

First off, let me say I don’t usually wear pink in SL. But its hard to avoid Pink when you purchase kawaii items. I purchased this skirt that came with the top hat from Rotten Toe. I picked this particular one because it had Pink Flamingos and the hat had macaroons on it.

Sugar Girls - Lola 1st Post

In order to pull my outfit together I searched what I call the depths of hell (aka my inventory) for a nice blouse to accompany the skirt. To my surprise I had something called Barbie Pink from Whippet & Buck (I’m thinking it was a pretty old 50L Friday item since it has sculpty sleeves).I already knew what accessories I wanted to wear to pull the entire outfit together: Teddy Bear Backpack from Fashionably Dead (available at collabor88), Necklace & bracelets by Maxi Gossamer (available at Collabor88), earrings from MIAB (prior SL Fashion Week Item), Shoes and Socks by Honey Kitty. and hair by D!va (available @ Collabor88).

Sugar Girls - Lola 1st Post

So this is my backside. Its quite as lovely as my frontside, don’t you think? LOL ok enough with my vanity moment. I wanted to show you the teddy bear backpack because its so adorable. I remember in high school people wearing these and I was like man they are crazy. Basically because I carried my locker in my backpack everyday so a teddy bear backpack was out of the question. But hey its nice to reminisce about your teen years, as awkward as they were.

Sugar Girls - Lola 1st Post
So I’m closing this post with a picture of my pretty face and a closeup of the lovely top hat. I didn’t mention but this skin is currently available at TDR Fusion by Essences. I swear her skins are like my kryptonite. I hope you enjoyed my first post and I’ll plan to do more soon, with actual stories instead of the hey look at me type of blogging XD.

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