PostUrban Drift

Since the Event, there are these little pockets of space around the world where the old laws of gravity don’t exactly apply anymore. No-one’s sure why. That is- there’s no-one left that could tell us why. Some just lift you from the ground. Some fling you into the sky. No-one’s quite sure where they go after they fly up. Maybe they land safely in another gravitationally-altered space, maybe they soar up into space and die, gasping for breath as they… well anyway. There are some areas that seem to… react. Their lift is almost emotional. Almost like in books- like pathetic fallacy without the rain.

When you find one, you take a deep breath in, and do your best to clear your mind. Also, maybe try not to freak out too much. Try not to think too hard about the fact that your feet have left the ground- that your body belongs now to something other than the physical forces you’re used to. The first few times you do it, there’s a kind of rush. Some people hunt them down for that. Some say that each site is different- that you get a different rush, every different site you find. I don’t know about all that, and that’s not what I go for. Maybe it’s corny, but when I drift, I can feel a sort of… one-ness.  I like to believe that all the sites are connected. Strange energies all over the world. Yeah, I know, you half expect me to start talking about chakras and dangling triangular… crystals over people, I dunno. It is what it is.

[okkbye] Retro Top – Black: 90’s Pink @ Collabor88 June
(NO) Tie-dye garder tights @ Collabor88 June
-tb- Indie Liner Style 1
Cheap Makeup Lashes (Lise) #2
(fd) Bossy Boots – Floral Pink + Orange
(fd) Bossy Boots Socks – White
(fd) Teddy Backpack Pal – Blue @ Collabor88 June
(Yummy) Ball Chain Necklace – Alien @ Collabor88 June
*Epic* Kawaii Goggles! {Zebra – Yellow}
Baiastice_Piramid Studs Leather Cuff-ghost- Right
Cute Poison – Wing Ear Piercings
MG – Bangles – Love Heart Bangle – Medium @ Collabor88 June
PIDIDDLE – Amorous Choker – Neon Pink
r2 A/D/E mini-skirt green @ Collabor88 June
[ni.Ju] 030913 single nose ring/monochrome
[okkbye] Rad Ring – Ying Yang: Black & White @ Collabor88 June
Adore&Abhor – Kitten Claws nail appliers in Black
-Belleza- Mya Pale BBB 1
IKON Eternal Eyes – Ice
flowey. ‘water is fine’


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