Kawaii @ +Blue Blood+

Once upon a time there was a noob named Lola. She loved exploring sims and finding EGL stores to stalk. She would save her money and buy lovely dresses at each of the stores. Eventually she was buying more and more items at this little store called +Blue Blood+ and found the most precious gift ever a really great friend.
I have always loved shopping at +Blue Blood+. My first encounter in her store I saw some outfits named after the characters in Dune. I knew from that moment she would become one of my favorite creators. I am blessed to now call her one of my friends. Although I don’t see her much on SL *shakes fist at time zones* I am always excited to see what she makes.

Last week she dropped the new Chesh Outfits on me, there are several colors to choose from but I stuck with Blue and Purple. The outfit comes complete with a pair of boots and its all in mesh, there is also a system layer bra so there is no oops you saw my booby moments. All of Ghanima’s creations are hand painted meticulously and I love the extra detail she puts in her creations. Try the demo before purchasing, but she does offer the items in Standard SL Mesh Sizing.

So up first is a pic of me being cheesy and showcasing my awesome new skin by [AMITOMO]. I loved how beautiful the skin is and it gave me a youthful look that fit my kawaii style I was going for. I added a couple makeup layers by Rozena and eyelashes by Schadenfreude to add to youthful look.
+Blue Blood+

The next picture showcases the entire outfit. I wanted to show you the boots, they are absolutely sexy and adds to the dark allure of the outfit. Depending on how you style the outfit you can make it gothic or more kawaii. I wanted to implement both elements. I should mention that I am using a kawaii headband from Remarkable Oblivion called “Your Meowjesty” its absolutely adorable and I am also wearing a handbag by Severed Garden, and the kawaii earrings by Noodles.
+Blue Blood+

So this is my look with a more kawaii appeal. I am wearing a panda headband by Noodles that was one of those Limited item things. It comes with a rainbow bow and I love it so much. I also changed my earrings to the Purple version of the “Sweetheart Earrings” to match the purple outfit I am wearing.
+Blue Blood+
You can get a really great view of the detail work on the top of the outfit. It is absolutely stunning.

The final picture showcases a more close-up picture of the entire outfit.
+Blue Blood+

So what I recommend is for you to visit all of these creators and spend your monies like no tomorrow. Really the stuff is super inexpensive.

Outfits by +Blue Blood+

  • +Blue Blood+ Chesh Outfit – Purple
  • +Blue Blood+ Chesh Outfit – Blue

Other Items Worn

  • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair – Orchid
  • Lashes: Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
  • Skin:[AMITOMO] bunny_skin_makeup2
  • Eyes:Chus POP Wonderland Eyes – Bubble

Acessories Worn

2.0 Makeup

Poses by: oOo studios, Glitterati, Adorkable Poses, and fri.day poses


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