Early Riser


Mornings and I have a pretty serious love-hate relationship. I hate mornings and I generally seriously dislike people who seem to be effortlessly perky morning people. But then there’s a sort of charm to waking up early, while the whole house is still hushed. Making some breakfast, and just enjoying the smells as it cooks, or as you toast bread, open the box of cereal, pour orange juice… whatever. Then to curl up with your breakfast and a book or a movie that’s only just loud enough to hear as the pale sun’s rays peek around the not-yet-opened curtains. I even like sitting down to work when it’s early, sometimes. I feel that I can take some time to just look at my messages and do nothing important for a while. I’ve got the time. I can take a slower pace. Take more breaks. It’s kind of nice.

But then so is sleeping in, and I think despite anything listed above, I’m still heavily in favour of sleep.

Credits under the cut

-tb- Indie Liner Style 2
Cheap Makeup Lashes (Lise) #2
MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Smokey – emerald
+>A&A<+ Rose Heels – Pink
/Wasabi Pills/ Maya Mesh Hair – Jellyfish
Coquet. Cowl Neck Sweater -Pink
Lily Jeans light blue – even.flow
tram -Bowler hat
.Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Natural (Black) Dew TCF
IKON Eternal Eyes – Ice
!matte.walk.this.line.fingers (SAE-hud) – Line 10
*Frooti – My Second Box – Exclusive 1


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