Airedine Poe: “Hi, I’m Airedine. I like naps, candy, cats and glitter.”


Hi, I’m Airedine. (The only Airedine, in fact! Accept no imposters!) I’ve owned and operated Adore&Abhor in SL for 5 years now. In late 2011 I added Sileny Noel to my brand and we haven’t looked back since! I’m a proud nerd. I love to LARP, play video and tabletop games and watch shows like Dr Who and Adventure Time. I love weird fashion that catches my eye and makes me happy, and I love to come up with stories to go with it. I hope you enjoy our blog!

-Airedine ♥

Rose (Naminaeko): “Hi, I’m Rose, I like butterflies. Bai.”

Rose Sugar Girls

Hi, I’m Rose, but some will know me by my username, NamiNaeko. I’m a creator and blogger in SL (of the store . Olive.), along with being a great cat enthusiastic and Harry Potter Nerd Extravaganza! I am an admin for Mischief Managed.(Again, huge HP nerd) I spent my days hanging around and annoying my friends, loving my family, and creating in SL. I blog what is happening, the current, new, interesting, creative, and true.

– Rose ❤

Aranel Ah: “Hi, I’m Ara, I like unicorns and bunny rabbits.”

sugar girls headshot

Hi, I like things.  I also make things.  Things are great.  I plan to post stuff about things here.  Sometimes I might even post stuff about my things.  ILY ❤

Ara runs Boom (est. 2007)

Athena Loring: “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

Athena Headshot (Sugar Blog)

Ello!  I’m Athena and I like COFFEE and video games! I started my store Miseria in 2009 (theoretically) where I enjoy making pants and Halloween themed stuff! In between small releases I can pretty much always be found on Steam slaying dragons, zombies and various unfortunate pedestrians :c  but it’s ok because they are not real.

Oh, and I’m new at blogging and pretty simple about clothes, so lets keep this on easy mode okay? \o/


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